Merry Carroll

Editor / Creative Writer / Technical Writer

I am Merry Carroll and I provide full editorial and writing services to anyone who writes Ö or who wishes they could.

Text Box: Why Poofread? (sic)
Correct spelling errors that spell checkers canít catch
Repair faulty sentence structure
Proofread for style and consistency
Fix punctuation
Eliminate dangling participles
Complete incomplete sentences
Make sure the writing makes sense

Let me be your proofreader Ö
No matter how intelligent you are or how well you write, a proofreader can make you look smarter and, at the very least, save you from embarrassment.

Before you submit your project for publication or public dispersal, send me your file and let me proofread your job, no matter what size it is. Itís an affordable service that could save you costly errors. Besides that, itís fast, friendly and guaranteed to make you look as brilliant as you are.

Proofreading rates as low as $.003 per word, with a $15 minimum and a usually fast turnaround.




Text Box: What will I write?
Website content
Instruction Manuals
Ad Copy
Technical Reports
You name it

Why me?
When you decide to let me handle your writing or editing project, you will be getting the benefit of more than 35 years of professional experience from this award-winning writer.

 Technical writer for major government contractor

 Member, Professional Writers Association

 Owner of MJ & Associates Editorial Services, a Tampa Bay area business since 1993

 Author of ďThe Path to Passion: Client Guide to Hormone TherapyĒ as well as
dozens of technical manuals, genealogies, cookbooks and more

 Succinct writing for websites, blogs, articles

 B.S. Biochemistry

 Former owner of advertising agency in New York

 Numerous writing awards and recognitions

Let me put my talents to work for you. Iím fast, dependable, creative and full of fresh ideas that will make you look great!† Plus, Iím easy to get along with.


Your inquiries are always welcome.

Merry Carroll, Writer of Largo FLA / Largo, Florida

Text Box: Editing Services
Correct grammar and punctuation errors
Suggest improvements
Re-write weak sentences and paragraphs
Eliminate redundancy 
Ensure the writing is at the readerís comprehension level
Ensure accuracy of
verifiable data
Meticulous proofreading

I believe in bringing out the best in every writer. Thatís why my editing services include coaching as a matter of course. You wonít be left wondering why revisions were made Ö Iíll provide explanatory notes. You may find my comments about grammar, punctuation, word usage, etc. helpful in making you a more polished writer. And I do all this without losing the personal flavor of your writing style.

Hiring an editor to work on your ďbabyĒ can be scary.
Try before you buy with my offer to edit 1,000 words
of your manuscript for free! This has proven to be a
great way to make sure that we are both on the same page!


Editing / Coaching


What is an editor Ö and why every writer needs one

After you have done all the hard work of putting your thoughts into written words, an editor is a professional who polishes your work to perfection. For that reason, anyone who writes anything more important than a grocery list should engage the services of an editor.


Free Sample Edit

For manuscripts 50,000+ words, I will edit 1,000 words
without charge as a
sample of my work.


Large manuscripts (50,000+ words) are charged at $.006 per word. Less than 50,000 words, the rate is $.009 per word. Min. editing charge $25.

Some people like to tell stories. I like to write them. Iím ready to write yours Ö whether itís the story about your product, your business or a ghostwritten story of your life.

Your project will get the benefit of my 35+ years of creative, technical and copy writing experience. (My dream job? Getting the chance to write instruction manuals for products that come out of China, currently written with the apparent attempt to aggravate and mystify!)

What we must do first, is talk. And talk is cheap Ö actually, itís free. Contact me to discuss your idea and letís find out if you and I together can tell your story, sell your product, or do any of the other wondrous things the right words can do.





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